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Refined Supply Ep. 001

In the series debut, the #refinedsupplygirls show off 3 pairs of sneakers from their personal collections & styles an outfit around their favorite pair!

Refined Supply Ep. 002

On ep. 002 we got inspired by King Des and her array of amazing looks! We each put an outfit together out of the contents of our personal closets that included elements of King Des style.

Refined Supply Ep. 003

This episode we took a break from fashion challenges & answered some questions that will help you guys understand us better! We'll be releasing info for our t shirts on our social media, stay tuned!

Refined Supply Ep. 004

Something pretty cool happened, we got a personal hair stylist!! We will be brand ambassadors for Denitia M. Virgin Reservoir extentions! Denitia will also install and style our hair based on the look we're going for! Her motto is to change hair like you change clothes!

Refined Supply Ep. 005 // RS Girls in the City MUKBANG!

In our first mukbang, we're eating brunch & discussing our shoot from last Sunday! We were out & about in the beautiful city of Detroit shooting content for our hair stylist, Denitia!

Great Society 2017 Summer Campaign

The brand Great Society located in Philly sent  a package of merch for my team and I to model and create a campaign. This campaign was then published in their 2017 Summer Look Book